Does iTunes update filenames and folders?

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Does iTunes also change the underlying filename and folder names physically located on the hard drive?

I previously had quite a bit of "Unknown" song names, artists, albums, etc imported into my libarary. I went through the process of listening, then changing the "unknowns" to the actual song names, albums, etc from within the iTunes application.

The "keep iTunes media folder organized" and "copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library" options were NOT selected while the "unknowns" were being updated.

I ask this question in context of how I do my monthly backup. The iTunes application is located on the internal hard drive. My music is located on an external hard drive (#1). I have a second external hard drive (#2) where I keep the previous month's backup.

I use Windows Explorer to copy the folders/files under iTunes from my "live" external hard drive (#1) to my "backup" external hard drive (#2). I also copy the following files: "iTunes Library", "iTunes Music Library" and "iTunes Library Extra" files.




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    gordygordy Posts: 978member
    If the files are not in your iTunes Music folder, the filenames are not updated.
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