iPhone UI coming to Macs?, Apple engineer...

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...explains how it could be done.


?It?s one thing to add multitouch to a few applications, implementing the ability to pinch and zoom from the trackpad on the laptop with the Preview application,? the engineer said. ?But it?s a whole different story if you want to implement these technologies on the desktop, or globally on OS X.?

An easier approach, the Apple engineer indicated, would be to add the iPhone OS as a layer on top of OS X, similar to Apple?s Front Row experience.


As some people here know, I feel Apple is headed in the direction of a easier UI for Mac's in general as more Mac's gain the ability the touchscreen abilities of the iPad.

The reason why I think this is because Apple has removed all but one of the MacBooks models for a line of iPads with touchscreen UI and hasn't allowed Apps to run on Mac's in Dashboard.

HP already has a touchscreen iMac-type copy on top of Windows 7, since Apple has copied them with the glossy screen approach HP pioneered (those dirty rats, my aching eyes!) and HP is now a major competitor to Apple in the consumer PC market (since buying Compaq), it's logical to assume Apple is going to out do HP and make a touchscreen iMac.

How the touchscreen UI is going to integrate with existing OS X cursor UI remains to be seen, but this engineer has a point it can be a overlay over OS X like FrontRow is to use the Apple remote with.

So are we going to have three UI's on future iMac's? Frontrow, OS X UI and the iPhone touchscreen UI?

Or is Apple going to ditch one or combine all three?

Are future iMac's going to be closed and locked to the App Store? Or be open with apps gotten from anyone like it is now, but with a touch screen UI?

Interesting to see what others thoughts are.


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    I agree that for the population at large an iPhone-like UI would be a perfect fit. So much navigation on the average computer is mysterious and unnecessary, a carryover from it's earliest incarnations. The future should be more idiot-proof, because they just keep making better idiots.
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