Al Gore gets harsh comments at shareholders...

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As expected, Apple's attitude on environmental and sustainability issues was one of the main concerns of the stockholders present Thursday, followed closely by the company's immense pile of cash. But early harsh comments about former Vice President Al Gore's record set the tone.

Gore was seated in the first row, along with his six fellow board members, in Apple's Town Hall auditorium as several stockholders took turns either bashing or praising his high-profile views on climate change.

Al Gore was right on the fact things were warming up at a certain time, but the last few years temps have been leveling and now things are getting very cold.

So what's going on?

My opinion is the recent change of events in global temperatures is a result of a nuclear winter effect, basically so much soot gets into the atmosphere that acts as a barrier in two directions:

First the slowing of residual heat of the Earth being radiated into space raising global temperature for some time.

Second, as the residual heat finally dissipates, the new heat and light from the Sun failing to reach the surface of the Earth and warming it properly, resulting in global cooling.

Eventually as the soot in the atmosphere dissipates, global temperatures should return to normal, but not before we freeze our asses off first. The more soot we put into the sky, the longer that's going to take. The unfortunates of that is the colder it gets, the more humans make soot to keep themselves warm and prolongs the problem.

Our atmosphere is very fragile and needs protecting from man-made sources, Al Gore is right on that point. However by focusing only the warming trend he is now viewed as a laughingstock as it gets cold.

But he wasn't the only one wrong, so are a lot of climate scientists with a political and funding bent.

It's only common sense to figure out that the Earth has been adjusting it's own temperatures for millions of years from rapid volcanic activity. It's doing that now, as long as we allow it to normalize.


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    Gore is a big boy. He can handle the criticism.

    Your theory lacks any depth. It's nice to simplify, but global climate trends are dynamic feedback phenomena based on many different and interacting things. It's not just one or two things. You really can't take short term weather, this Winter, to disprove this or that. It operates on time scales that humanity really doesn't have a good feel for. The best that can be done is to track the data and improve the models.
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    Originally Posted by Woohoo! View Post

    Our atmosphere is very fragile and needs protecting from man-made sources, Al Gore is right on that point.

    Really? While I have no doubt the earth heats and cools in a cyclical fashion (after all, there is plenty of evidence for it) what I have a problem with is the "Man Made climate change" advocates.

    I find it fascinating that the proposed chief cause of global warming is CO2.

    And to manage and "incintivize" management of CO2 we have these wonderfully invented things called "carbon credits"

    And that these "carbon credits" can be bought, sold and traded like any other commodity

    And miraculously Gore sits on the board of directors or is involved as a principle in several companies that participate in this new "marketplace"

    Call me cynical, but follow the money and you will find the real motivation. When we can understand the weather enough to predict it for more than 48 hours with something resembling a reasonable accuracy, I'll start believing those who claim to understand something as complex as global weather and their explanations as to why it's happening and what we can do to change it.

    Until then, esp. when there is money to be made on their "solutions" I'll call it for what it is: fear-mongering for personal profit
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    It takes an open mind to think in geologic scales. And the logical flipside, if you are becomes hard to think at such spatial and temporal scales. Food for thought.

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