Bush: We will negotiate with Terrorists

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<a href="http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/02/20/us.hostage.policy/index.html"; target="_blank">http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/02/20/us.hostage.policy/index.html</a>;

Unbelievable. First, we spend all this time saying that when dealing with people invloved with the "War on Terrorism" there will be no negotiations, and now we have this major turnaround in US policy?

What's going on here? Did Bush feel it was that wise to go out in public to say we will negotiate with these guys? If anything, I think this encourages more terrorist acts like the kidnapping of Pearl, as even though we say we'll get them in the end, we'll give them what they want in the meantime.

The thing that really concerns me is the complete turnaround of a major policy like this when we're supposed to be fighting a war against these people. Terrific.


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    What a mistake.
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    I hope they have an ace up their sleeve on this one.
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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,503member
    Well, that just decreased the safety of any US citizen travelling abroad. <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />

    [quote]<strong>In a major policy reversal on international hostage-taking, Bush administration officials said Wednesday that the United States might sometimes pay ransom to kidnappers.

    However, the officials also stressed that the government would be aggressive in recovering the money once a hostage was safely released.

    The message, one senior U.S. official said, is that "we're going to get you. We're not going to walk away."</strong><hr></blockquote>

    No, what this says is, "You are going to have to be much better organized to get away with the money now. So start planning now!" This does not make me feel safer as a US Citizen.

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    I liked the policy of sending the CIA and Special Forces after these **** ups much more.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    If this is true and not CNN warping some quote out of context, it's really freaking stupid. Even if they have decided to negotiate under some circumstances, they NEVER should let on publicly that this is what they're thinking.

    I'm starting the think that Bush's press people are idiots after all. First the Axis of Evil thing, now this...great.
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    I'm thinking CNN did warp this one. Just like the NYT did with the "Pentagon disinformation" story.
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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,503member
    Even if this is not real policy, it has just decreased the safety of US citizens out and about in the world today by CNN reporting it. And if it is real policy, I think it was irresposible to report it. But freedom of the press is much more important than my safety anyhow...
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    ferroferro Posts: 453member
    LMAO... LOL...

    OH this is sad...

    "We will not... negotiate... with Terrorist!"... - (a.k.a. - The Evil Ones)


    "We will negotiate with terrorist"... (a.k.a. - make a deal with the devil)

    Oh America a land of paradox...

    We only keep to our word when it suits us...

    "You are either with us or you are against us"?

    "You either negotiate or you dont"?

    this is pathetic...


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    this is ridiculous, he should be impeached cause if there is one phrase presidents ALWAYS use in movies its "we will NOT negotiate with terrorists"(or some variant)

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    timotimo Posts: 353member
    Who cares what we say...

    ...it's what we do.
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    Calm down everyone. I'm thinking that this is false. Also Fran's "Bush: We will negotiate with Terrorists" title is worng. There's no quote with Bush saying that.
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    Looks like we're back to our pussyfied selves again...

    In some ways I wished we just did go "BAM! Afganistan. BAM! Iraq....BAM! Iran."

    We need to get rid of terrorists by any means possible. Verbally letting our guard down is stupid and confuses our allies even more. <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />
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    fran441fran441 Posts: 3,715member
    [quote]Also Fran's "Bush: We will negotiate with Terrorists" title is worng. There's no quote with Bush saying that.<hr></blockquote>

    Well, I also hope that CNN is wrong with this story, but my title really isn't that misleading.

    If America is going to pay ransom to terrorists, it is a definite about face in terms of the US policy of "We will not negotiate with terrorists".

    Well, I just heard that in CNN's coverage of Daniel Pearl being confirmed dead, that Bush DID change the policy yesterday to pay ransom, one of the the goals being that we wanted to get Pearl freed.

    I'd like to hear the White House's response to this terrible news, and see if we see any change in this policy again.
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    noahjnoahj Posts: 4,503member
    The reporter died? Bastards!

    Now I am really upset.

    To borrow from Artman @_@:

    Go get em boys!
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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    I say execute the whole lot of em and hang the carcasses for the birds to peck at.

    Notice that I do not say who "they" are.
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