How can I get completely rid of the SDK?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I downloaded the iPhone SDK a while back and now want to get rid of it. I uninstalled the applications but now I'm left with thousands of these .h and .m files that I forget if they came with the SDK or not. What all in the Mac HD>Developer folder can I delete without harming my computer. These files always come up in spotlight and are very space consuming. Thanks.


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    This why I always use AppCleaner or AppDelete to uninstall applications along with all the helper files.

    But it won't work on those leftover files if you've already trashed the official application/icon they belong to from the Applications folder.

    Maybe Spring Cleaning can help, but don't remove too much!
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    Thanks alot Rokcet Scientist! Those links are extremely helpful I just wish I hadn't deleted the programs... oh well, I read somewhere else that you can possibly delete the whole folder without affecting your computer so I'm not too scared to delete anything important. Thanks again.
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