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UPDATE: PowerMac release delayed

Apple has delayed the release of new Power Macs, which it had been expected to release yesterday.

Sources confirmed to MacUser last week that Apple has lined up a range of speed-bumped Power Macs, including the first to use a 1GHz PowerPC processor. As we reported, Apple had originally set aside the provisional date of yesterday, 22 January, for the release of these machines, but we learned late last night that factors had conspired against this plan, and forced Apple to delay any announcement.

A principal reason that may have contributed to the decision is the number of existing Power Macs that remain in the channel. US sources report that these are continuing to sell well, despite anticipation of new models. However UK delears have revealed that they are having difficulty getting any stock of Power Macs at all at present.

Owing to the last-minute date change, Apple is still sitting on the new models, and sources indicate an announcement will now not come until next week at the earliest.Apple has delayed the release of new Power Macs, for reasons best known to itself.



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    Oops! We screwed up completely, new PowerMacs will come out some time in the next six months.
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    gnomgnom Posts: 85member
    [quote]Originally posted by The Swan:


    hehe, exactly what i was thinkin´.

    "We don´t know sh*t but we´ll give it a try anyway."

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    Nope, I believe it. As I've read on various rumor sites, many dealers can not get new stock of the PM. I phoned my dealer and got the same answer.
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    jobesjobes Posts: 106member
    i believe MacUser ... they have a good track record for forthcoming releases, and they have a good relationship with a lot of dealers here in the UK too...

    Talking of which, just been on the phone to my local AppleCentre and they are clean out of any power macs ... Ingram, the main distros here are also PM-free, so I'm hoping Apple pull their fingers out and at least announce something soon and start shipping the lo-end boxes soon ....

    I need to buy a server asap ... i'd prefer not to buy second-hand and install X 10.1 server on top as i guess any kind of speed bump will be useful to me ...

    Anyone know what channel availability is like in the US?TIA ...
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    [quote]Originally posted by GnOm:


    hehe, exactly what i was thinkin´.

    "We don´t know sh*t but we´ll give it a try anyway."


    MacUser is generally good with rumo(u)rs. I think they are talking the almighty truth here.

    J :cool:

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    tarbashtarbash Posts: 278member
    Didn't MacUser say we were getting G3 iMacs at MWSF?
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    I would call "bullsh!t" on MacuserUK, but this is almost the same thing said by several other sources -- Apple intended to release speed-bumped Powermacs yesterday but decided to put it off a little at the last minute.I guess we'll see soon enough. Read what the guy says on about getting confirmation from a local store about new Powermacs arriving this week. That guy doesn't have a history of dishonesty.
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    othelloothello Posts: 1,053member
    I believe it -- MacUser have a good record (and yes they may get one wrong every now and then... but don't we all)
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    jcgjcg Posts: 777member
    The problem lies in the 733 Power Mac from what I've read, but holding off an anouncement will not clear out that model that much. Cutting the price of it would.
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    Looks like MU was bang on the money....
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    evil edevil ed Posts: 106member
    Told. You. So.

    (to the people who were slamming MacUser UK)
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