Audio Galaxy Under Fire / Getting Bad Press?

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I notice that my beloved site for downloading random MP3 singles has become a rather dry well of late. Two or three artists that I've tried to download songs for list dozens and dozens of servers, with none of them being available (this is unusual, especially during low traffic times). In some cases a copyright notice is even posted instead of the usual queue information.

"SEARCHÂ*PROHIBITED\tYou cannot request this song due to copyright restrictions. Please try a different search."

In particular it seems Elton John's CD tracks all have this trait. The only downloadable tracks I've found are live bootlegs and lam-o covers. Now AC - DC's tracks seem to be following a similar pattern though I've not checked for the above notice since all the servers are unavailable. There are other artists too, but you get the idea. I wonder if some musicians have started another crusade like Metallica did with Napster.

Is AG going the way of Napster (getting taken to court, etc)? Or are the musicians going after the server owners?!

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    Elton John...AC DC? Couldn't be just your musical tastes? Go to budget bin...get AC DC and Elton John there...burn CD's to MP3...done? <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    No dude. I was just using those two as examples. There is no way in hell that just by random chance certain artists have this copyright restriction notice in place for every song on every AG server, and others don't have any in place. That's why I asked...

    ...I guess the lack of responses indicates no one gives a shit however, so unless someone else has some info, bag it.

    Mods you can delete this - I don't care....
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    Well, ever since I discovered AG on this web site some months back let's just say I have, uh, "aqcuired" some new CDs. However, the quality is absolute poop anymore. It is true most songs are not "supposed" to be available aren't but there is a way to get those "red X" songs but you cannot choose your bit rate.

    However, the quality really sucks now. Lately, about 1/3 of the songs I get are not even finished! They completely download but the song is cut off. This is for some more obscure stuff that is OOP. Some songs are listed as being one song and are a completely different song, while others will say 192, but they are clearly a 56K recording. The quality has been so bad I have given up on downloading CDs. The good news is I have spent like $400 on new CDs in the past month or so.
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    Well, I know it's a bit of a rationalization but I try not to download entire discs or even several songs from one disc. Mostly I just get random, single tracks from artists who had a couple songs I like, but whose stuff I would never buy in CD form. Thus I'm ripping them off, but only a little.

    And you're right, the quality of most tracks is bad. My first trick to make sure the owner of the server knows how to read / SPELL correctly. If they don't, I find often times the recording sucks too - or is even the wrong song! So it pays to avoid the careless types on AG - or at least their servers. I tend to use the "Find Exact match", because i know how long each song is and I know depending on what kind of song which bit rate will sound decent.
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    Good point. It amazes me how stupid some people are on that site. If everyone on there would just agree to some standards, it would make the site a whole lot easier to use.

    BTW, what casues what I like to call "digital hic-ups" in some songs? Like, for example, there will be a beep or screetch that sounds "computerized" on some songs.

    But what really ticks me off lately is that you can get a song that says 192 but sounds like poop.
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    I tired that app 4 times was never able to download a single song,they were all 'protected' Screw that, LimeWire gets me 90% of the songs I want and Morpheus in VPC5 is growing on me.
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