VoiceOver on the iPad

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It's already been advertised that VoiceOver will work with iBooks (and other applications as well). I look forward to this just as I did the TTS function on the Kindle. I'm wondering if Apple had the foresight to work this out with publishers in advance, or if they are going to face some similar fiasco like Amazon did when some publishers objected to the TTS function on their books. For anyone unfamiliar with that, Amazon then had to change the Kindle book format so that publishers could disable the text-to-speech ability. The publishers objections had to do with the potential for TTS to affect audio books sales. Many objected to the idea that it would affect sales because the TTS is not comparable to an audiobook "performance". While I can see that point, I do think that the performance aspect is not that important to some people and it would have some (if minor) impact.

While the feature is added in the name of Accessibility, it is also useful for some who are not handicapped. I've used my Kindle TTS before to listen to my books while driving and such.


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    I know Voiceover could be an issue for some, but I'm sure Apple worked out something with the publishers after seeing the issues Amazon had.
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