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Water4Gas was founded in 2006 by Ozzie Freedom, who moved to the United States in 2001 after raising a family and working as a hi-tech engineer and senior technical writer in Israel. Inspired by inventors of alternative energy from around the world, Ozzie began his research into making fuel-efficient engines that could save money and the environment at the same time.

As demand grew, so did the need for this technology. With fuel prices topping an astounding $5 per gallon in the US in mid 2008, Water4Gas took their message to the media with national radio shows, TV news reports and demonstration events occurring in many cities all over the country.

As you read this page, we have grown into a massive global movement, leading the entire water-fuel industry.

California Environmental Engineering (CEE)

"CEE feels that the result of this test verifies that this technology is a viable source for reducing emissions and fuel consumption on large diesel engines."

The American Hydrogen Association Test Lab

"Emissions test results indicate that a decrease of toxic emissions". Zero emissions were observed on CO (carbon oxide).

?...extended the lean limit of engine operation, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced emissions, both hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. [Mar.03]

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Our Mission

To lead the Water-Fuel Movement to educate the world on vital alternatives to costly and harmful fossil fuels, while offering lucrative business opportunities and a valuable game for all to play.

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