How difficult is it to pull apart a 160gb iPod classic and replace HD?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
hey all,

im contemplating buying a 160gb iPod Classic. Ideally, i would love one with flash-based memory, but that is probably still a few years off before it's within my budget. However, i would love a hold-all iPod within the next few months...

so my thoughts:

either pick up an older pre-loved 160gb model, and if the HD dies on me, replace it myself

or pick up an 160gb model (new or well-looked-after/refurbished) and hope that i can replace the HD with a SSD in a few years.

How hard is it to pull apart the current Classics and replace the HD? I've pulled apart a few Minis to replace with flash memory or change batteries, and pulled apart iMacs and Macbooks countless times to change HDs - so im not completely useless at this kind of thing.

Just wondering what advice/thoughts others could give?

I should really be saving for a new Macbook Pro (for music production and live gigs), so I don't want to blow too much cash on an iPod.

cheers : )


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