How will forests be impacted by global warming and climate change?

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A major new study by 19 researchers around the world published in Forest Ecology and Management concludes as follows.

"Here we present the first global assessment of recent tree mortality attributed to drought and heat stress. Although episodic mortality occurs in the absence of climate change, studies compiled here suggest that at least some of the world's forested ecosystems already may be responding to climate change and raise concern that forests may become increasingly vulnerable to higher background tree mortality rates and die-off in response to future warming and drought, even in environments that are not normally considered water-limited. This further suggests risks to ecosystem services, including the loss of sequestered forest carbon and associated atmospheric feedbacks...Overall, our review reveals the potential for amplified tree mortality due to drought and heat in forests worldwide."

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What are your thoughts - how will forests be impacted by global warming and climate change?

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    Take your climate change propaganda elsewhere. If you want to line Al Gore's criminal pockets with carbon taxes then be my guest.

    But stop spreading this nonsense to people who actually have common sense, and have seen more than your cherry picked "studies".
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