Help me to revise my resume

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Yeah Jane I too want you to take a look at the real one of my resume.

As I mentioned before the thing I posted was just a direct copy and paste and all the layouts are really screwed. Like my name and profile are centered but they show as justified left on this board....


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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    I just finished typing my new resume....need people to read it and give me advice. Keep in mind that I just simply copied and pasted from WORD to here so the layout really does screw up


    POLLUX CHUNG Tel: ------ Cel: ---------


    email: [email protected]


    An accomplished artist trained in multimedia design. With a wide knowledge in both traditional and digital production techniques, can create graphic output for the Internet, Print, or Motion Graphics. A creative and focused team member who appreciates the dynamic value of collaborative effort and who can bring creative energy to your production team.


    Contract Work - Self Employed March 1995 - Present

    The following contracts required a diverse set of skills in a variety of projects lasting anywhere from several weeks to several months.

    Digital Illusion Studio (Nashville, US)

    ? Storyboard works, concept development for Country Music Television (CMT)

    ? Freelance Graphic Artist. Texture Artist

    Fatline Solutions (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

    ? Freelance web and graphic designer.

    False Creek Filming Inc. (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

    ? Designed all promotional materials and created a print package

    ? Currently designing their web site which includes: Layout, usability, graphics and HTML code

    Dionysus Theatre Productions (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

    ? Volunteered to design caricatures and titling for credits

    ? Assisted in creation of a short film introducing the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" play

    Uniglobe Travel and AirTransat Holidays (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

    ? Designed and created 4 promotional print packages for the local travel agent market

    ? Designed an award-winning national full-colour promotional print advertisement (the ad received a bronze medal in the Direct Marketing category at the 2000 Frankie Awards)

    Canadian Cancer Society (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

    ? Created a nationally published poster for a fund-raising campaign. The poster design was selected by the Canadian Cancer Society to target business institutions

    CTV / Digital Desk (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

    ? Developed, designed and implemented an extensive archival and promotional website for the TV show "Digital Desk".

    ? Provided 6 months information management support with website updates

    ? Performed a website redesign upon request to heighten interest and to include update information on reviews of products related to the tech industry

    Sympatico Canada / CTV

    ? Developed, implemented and maintained an online presence for Sympatico that opposed the CRTC's attempt to control and tax the Canadian national internet network


    WS-i Interactive 1999 - 2000

    ? Responsible for video production, graphic design and layout, flash graphics development for a variety of internal and external Internet projects

    ? Generated material artwork, layout and design for corporate print projects like press kits, magazine advertisements and ad campaigns.

    Lunny Communications 1998

    Hired principally to work on two CD-ROM projects:

    ? Bio Tech Inc. corporate CD-ROM interface design and art works

    ? The Canadian Education Council: helped create education CD ?Culture Discovery? for K-12 (outlined career prospects and how to obtain the necessary skills for career choices) Responsible for interface design, layout, and artworks, imported images to Director and performed quality control with lingo tweaking for proper layout setup.

    Canada 3000 Holidays & Canada 3000 Tickets 1998 - 1999

    Web Designer / Developer

    ? Responsible for concept, functionality, artwork, layout, usability and HTML programming for Canada 3000 Holidays' web site

    ? Also responsible for concept development, layout, HTML and artworks for Canada 3000 Tickets' web site

    ? Aided Canada 3000 staff with Macintosh hardware and software troubleshooting support


    Vancouver Film School \t\t\t\t

    ? 70 hours of training on Maya 2.5 and Lightwave 6\t\t\t\t 2000

    ? Multimedia: A comprehensive, condensed, hands-on training. \t\t 1997 ? 1998

    Lecture time, approximately 1200 hours. Personal lab time, approximately 3800 hours.

    McKay Technical Institute\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t 1997

    Desktop Publishing program from McKay Technical Institute

    Vancouver Community College \t\t\t\t\t\t\t 1997

    Electronic Publishing program (Part-time)

    Kwantlen University College\t\t\t\t\t\t\t 1995 ? 1997 Fine Arts program


    Computer related skills

    Software: Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10, Cinema 4D 7, AfterEffects 5.5, Final Cut Pro 3, Dreamweaver 4, Flash 4, QuarkXpress 4, Director 8

    Operating Systems: Mac, Windows NT/2000

    Art and design-related skills

    ? Graphic creations using both digital and traditional medium

    ? Storyboarding


    ? Featured graphic artist in Vancouver Film School?s online Gallery

    ? Featured artist in an online media network magazine

    ? Other interests: painting, drawing, story writing, biking, web surfing, movie watching

    Reference available upon request



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    tmptmp Posts: 601member
    first thing I would do is take your phone number and address off this thread
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member

    [quote]Photoshop 7<hr></blockquote>

    <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />

    But beside that great resume. Both well written and impressive.

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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    lol, one thing you might want to look into is getting it down to 1 page.

    don't know if that still applies when you've been working a long time, but i know that every headhunter i've talked to says to keep the resume down to 1 page no matter what.

    you could probably ditch most of the education area since work is more important in your case.
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    tmptmp Posts: 601member
    I would also reinforce the presence of your online portfolio by mentioning it again just before the "references available".

    Other than that it seems very good.
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    I agree with tmp..take your phone numbers and address off!

    Hmm..let's [b]had]/b] a dual 500 right? (that's leaning towards the far end of what could happen, but hey....I wouldn't take the chance)
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    I'd change "Volunteered to design caricatures and titling for credits" to something more like "Designed caricatures and titling for credits"

    I volunteered to go on a space shuttle mission. Didn't get to go but I volunteered. Get it?

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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    I had to put that Volunteer thing in there cause canadian are more appreciated with's weird but true....
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    tmptmp Posts: 601member
    [quote]Originally posted by alcimedes:

    [QB]lol, one thing you might want to look into is getting it down to 1 page.

    don't know if that still applies when you've been working a long time, but i know that every headhunter i've talked to says to keep the resume down to 1 page no matter what.QB]<hr></blockquote>

    It still applies.

    But with proper formatting he shoud be able to get it all in on one page and still have all of it.
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    I've heard exactly the opposite about the "keep it to one page" thing.

    In fact, Resume's for Dummies is quoted as such:

    [quote]The fallacy that a resume must be kept to one page is a vampire myth: It just won't die and stay dead. Drive a stake through its heart.

    The reality is: Your resume should be as long as needed to get your concise message across with zip and punch.

    Human resource specialists recommend one pagers because they save reading time. Recognize that you and human resource specialists do not share the same goal. Their goal is to effectively screen applicants as quickly as possible. Your goal is to present your qualifications as strongly as possible.


    My advice: One page for most new graduates, one to two pages for most people, and two to three pages for most senior executives.<hr></blockquote>

    Source: Resumes for Dummies, 2nd Edition. by Joyce Lain Kennedy (nationally syndicated careers columnist and bestselling author)

    Just passing that along.

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    janejane Posts: 68member
    I work for professionals who made resumes for other professionals; many people make these mistakes all the time with their resumes.

    Here what you should do:

    Center your name, address, phone #, e-mail address.

    The first paragraph should be called Summary and center and bold all headings like this one. Take out team member thing and put it in one of the last bullets of skills and accomplishments. Tell me what you can do in the first paragraph; no employer wants to read it on page 2. Finish the paragraph with the area you want to work in like Looking for a position as a Graphic Artist which would utilize all my skills.

    The second part should be called Skills and Accomplishments and list every accomplishments you ever done in your career including the part of additional accommplishments.

    Page is reserved for Career profile list the title of the job you did left aligned, date right aligned and second line the place you worked at left aligned. When I read you resume I do not know what jobs you did in the past and again I do not want to read about it at the end. You can put your technical expertise or call it computer skills next; I think in your case it is even more important than your education; next call it Education/Professional Development list diplomas first left aligned, date of graduation right aligned, schools second line right aligned.

    Do not put references availabe on request; it is unecessary and you can use this space for something else.

    You have to write a cover letter/networking letter top part same thing center name, address...

    The first paragraph and go like A graphic professional with X number years of experience on the following software programs; looking for a position as a...

    Then list 3 or 4 bullets of your major accomplishments.

    In the end of the letter tell them that you will call and bring your resume only then; do not send it with a networking letter; the letter is there to introduce yourself to companies you want to work for.

    For the ad response letter it should go like this: In response to your ad I would like to apply for the following position.

    If salary expectations are asked say that you would to discuss the specific with them and that your request is in line with the industry standards. Then add an Enclosure, and a resume with it.

    Be aggressive go for the job you want in the companies you want to work for.

    If you have more questions I would be happy to answer them for you.
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    [quote]Originally posted by Leonis:

    <strong>I had to put that Volunteer thing in there cause canadian are more appreciated with's weird but true....</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I'd at least switch it around. Like "Designed ... as a volunteer".

    Just MO
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    powerdocpowerdoc Posts: 8,123member
    [quote]Originally posted by Leonis:


    Operating Systems: Mac, Windows NT/2000



    :o Leonis use Windows shame on him !

    Seriously good introduction , but a bit too long and exhaustive in the description of your previous jobs.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member

    Would you mind if i email you a copy of my resume? I've tried to make the format stand out a bit from the standard type you desribed above, but I'd be willing to hear your thoughts on the design and content if you're willing....
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    Leonis, good start and the tips here will help me too. Thanks.

    Some of my tips:

    Many of the job offers I receive are requesting resumes via email. Make sure that the email version is readable on various platforms and email readers. Don't test them all...send them to people you know who have AOL, Eudora, and Web based mail and get their feedback.

    I have various formats for my resume:

    1. Web site resume with links to examples of work.

    2. An email resume.

    3. A printable resume I have in Illustrator. I can .PDF it and also add an ATTN: HR etc. in the top right hand corner for faxing.

    4. Finally, a Word version. But I rarely get anyone who wants one. A virus thing I guess. But two recruiters did request them.

    I've noticed with the Web companies I have worked with that many of the earlier ones I worked for are gone - my web sites have been redesigned - aren't there anymore or just look dated. So I really have to restructure my resume and web site soon. Luckly I screen captured most of my web work...
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    janejane Posts: 68member
    It is hard for me but I will keep it in mind. The reason is that I am staying at a friend and I do not have a computer yet; I am waiting until the new iMac comes out to buy one.

    What I used to do the Heading of your name should be 2 points bigger than the rest. I used 13 for the name, address... and 11 for the rest of the resume. Draw a line after name, address... then Summary bolded and center then another line. So, what you want to do here is to box in the summary of your career. Then Skills and Accomplishments bolded center and bullet all your skills and accomplishments. Page 2 if you have space top right corner R.Brown and page 2 under it.

    Leave a lot of so it is easy to read better to have 3 pages resume than having one that is all crammed.
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    05-11-1990 10:44 PM :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Leonis, where did you get your time machine?
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    [quote]Originally posted by CosmoNut:

    <strong>I've heard exactly the opposite about the "keep it to one page" thing.

    In fact, Resume's for Dummies is quoted as such:

    Source: Resumes for Dummies, 2nd Edition. by Joyce Lain Kennedy (nationally syndicated careers columnist and bestselling author)

    Just passing that along.

    [ 02-27-2002: Message edited by: CosmoNut ]</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Hmmm, a book written for dummies looking for a job..
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