iPhone 3GS antenna problem

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I got my iPhone 3GS past summer, and was working really well until late December, when it suddenly had lots of service reception problems.

I admit that I dropped it several times, but I'm not sure if this is the issue here.

My problem simply is that my service reception is sooo weak, and when it gets 5 bars, whenever I call, it drops to ZERO bars after 2-3 minutes.

This is the case when I use other sim cards on it, even in other countries. Whether I use 2g or 3g networks, it's all the same.

I sent it to my local iPhone dealer, they Tested it for 3 days and thought that it's functioning correctly, even though I still have this problem.

It's not a problem that happens every now and then, that's what ALWAYS happen to me.

My question now, will changing the antenna solve the problem? Or is there better ways to fix it?


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    Kinda a no brainer, bring it to an Apple store and tell them whats going on with it. You're still under warrantee.
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    Originally Posted by yukozona View Post

    I think this is a very complex problem with many factors combining. I am sure lots of ATT and Apple engineers are loosing hair trying to understand the problem.

    Quite brilliant!

    And your sig really rocks.

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    If you spent as much time posting here as you did calling 18002752273 you would have a new phone by now!
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