Foxtrot Does It Again!

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I'm not sure how many of you came across this, but I found it amusing:

Got to admit, it's true...


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,209moderator
    That was pretty funny. I don't think Apple gets that people watch comics on the iDevices though.

    Comic strips typically compress down very well with certain types of compression due to the fact they use few colors and shapes but see if you try to sync a series of comics that is maybe 50MB in size, iTunes and iPhoto switch them to uncompressed (10-40x more storage) both on your hard drive in a temp folder and your device. It can end up using GBs of space. iPhoto libraries have the ipod temp cache with all these files.

    The example above is a 100k .gif and they convert to 656k uncompressed during sync. Plus it won't play animated gifs for those cool little web animations.

    Tiny little xkcd comics 16k each jump to 656k. So a 10MB collection grows to 410MB. I guess they have to give you a reason to buy the 64GB model but it's unnecessary. iDevices should be able to decode .gif, .png, .jpg just fine, I can't understand why they just don't copy them over instead of wasting minutes changing the format, wasting GBs of temp space of your HDD and GBs of space on the iDevice. Even if they converted to high quality .jpg and left .gifs alone.
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