what's the song in the os x setup assistant

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hey guys,

sorry for the lame thread but i'm looking for the name of the artist and song that plays in the os x setup assistant...when you first install X. i knew it a while back but my mind has gone blank. i want to use it on the air tonight. thanks.

[edit: and like that, i've already got the answer. thanks to gzl from the chat room. you can lock this now if necessary.]

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    dogcowdogcow Posts: 713member
    Well, arnt you going to tell us what it is?
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    pushermanpusherman Posts: 410member
    lol sorry. there was a little confusion but i think it's a Kruder & Dorfmeister remix of a song called Sofa Surfers by a band called Sofa Rockers. or the other way around. Or I could be completely wrong, but if you stick all that in LimeWire you'll get the right song.
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    yep. sofa rockers - sofa surfers (kruder & dorfmeister mix)

    if you like that, try anything by thievery corporation, thunderball, ursula 1000, blue states, etcetera...
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    It's wierd how people think alike sometimes. I actually had this same thought when installing X for the first time...but I never bothered to ask because I figured either:

    A. Apple produced it themselves (hired a musician)


    B. People would think I was on crack.

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    I did a little more investigating last night into the Sofa Surfers, Kruder & Dorfmeister, and others because I thought the Sofa Rockers track was pretty cool. Figured if there was a CD with more stuff like that I might be interested. But I'm not real clear on something...anyone happen to know if the K&D actually formed the Sofa Surfers? It's hard to tell by looking at the CD tracks.

    All these remix artists use each other's music so much it's hard to keep track of who wrote what just looking at an Amazon list. Anyway, I downloaded another couple songs from K&D and they're not anything like Sofa Rockers. One was actually pretty damn annoying sounding, which surprised me - I figured they were all "chillin" songs.

    Any suggestions (as far as artists who produce the more laid-back tracks?). I saw that Theivery group Jonathon was talking about on Amazong. They looked pretty popular....

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    oooh goody... i'm a downtempo FREAK. can't pull me away from the stuff. It's absolutely, bar none, my favorite genre of music.

    so, sit back, and enjoy this lesson in chill...

    First, there's a distinction to be made between true downtempo (or lounge) music and ambient/chillout music. Lounge originated really in lounges and bars around the world. Places like le Buddha Bar in Paris and the Eighteenth Street Lounge in DC are famous for being meccas of this sort of music. Lounge has more beats to it. Generally, this stuff has a jazzier feel to it.

    Ambient/chillout music started really in the chillout rooms of raves. It's very mellow, blissful music, without too many jarring beats or anything to mess with your head.

    I suggest:

    (a) the entire Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label. This includes Thievery Corporation, Thunderball, Ursula 1000, Blue States, etcetera.

    Website: <a href="http://www.eslmusic.com"; target="_blank">www.eslmusic.com</a> includes a lot of realaudio tracks and mixes.

    (b) Kruder + Dorfmeister and their G-Stone label from Austria. This includes K+D themselves, Tosca, etcetera. Sorta more upbeat than the ESL stuff.

    (c) The Buddha Bar series of discs from France. Beware, in the US, these discs run about $45-50 each, as they're extremely rare and imports. Total class, though.

    (d) The Back To Mine series of discs. Basically, a bunch of famous dj's pick their favorite downtempo/chillout tracks and mix them. Ranges from loungey stuff to more ambient/chilled trance/etcetera. Very cool. I believe there's 8 so far.

    (e) The Ministry Of Sound Chillout albums. Very cool, more the popular side of this stuff. British in origin, but can be had cheaply in the USA. Ranges again from the jazzier stuff to the trancier stuff.

    (f) the Cafe del Mar series from Ibiza. More the ambient side of things, with spanish influences. Very summery feeling. There's 8 volumes out, plus a few rare imports.

    (g) Net Radio. If you can stream a 128k stream in iTunes, go into the radio tuner and look for FlareSound jazzy beats, FlareSound deep beats, Epiphany Radio, Drone Zone, squidradio Downtempo, Groove Salad, etcetera. All specialize in this sort of music. Plus, it's free (!)

    Some of this stuff can be difficult to find. It's not really too popular in the US... very avant-garde... therefore, if you need some, I can give it to you, no doubt. I have over 5 gigs of 192k+ downtempo MP3s. I'm on dialup for now, but should be back on the T3 next week- shoot me an email and I'll set things up...
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    FOOK. I hit the damn quote button when trying to edit my own response and didn't realize it. Sorry for the spamola....

    <img src="graemlins/smokin.gif" border="0" alt="[Chilling]" />

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    Wow. Thanks for a truly "phat" (hey at least I didn't use the word "dope"!) discourse on downbeat music. I will have to sift through your post and pick out a couple artists this afternoon...decisions decisions.

    Can you recommend any specific, mellow tracks from Thievery Corporation that I might be able to download from AG and see how I like them? Any others in general - you know, every genre has it's masterpieces like Jazz and "Kind of Blue", Rock and "Stairway to Heaven", etc? I'm sure this Sofa Rockers track is old hat . Usually when a person is introduced to a new genre they think the track they first heard is the greatest (until they hear all the rest).

    But (Sofa Rockers) is the "mood" or tone I'm going for in general. Also like ethereal, space-travel type sound sometimes. You know, something to que up on iTunes late a night and listen to while I'm sending out the days last emails, etc. (Or when I'm chillin, looking over images from Hubble for instance!)

    Also, if it's of any use in determining which of your afore-mentioned artists I might like best, there are some progressive type artists I favor: Tangerine Dream (mostly the stuff from the mid-80's to early 90's) and Patrick O'Hearn (the early stuff), and Ray Lynch. NOT a big fan of Enya (sorry Leonis), Enigma - though I don't dislike them per se. I just don't dig all the vocal humming sounds and samples - the whole munks with gas thing doesn't work for me.

    As far as downloading, I'd love to but I have a 56k connection so I don't want you to go through the hassle if I'm going ot be downloading three songs and hour or something like that. Probably not worth your while. That said I have found a cool channel on iTunes (Astreaux World), even though it's only 32kpbs.

    Anyway of saving the songs that are/have played through iTunes radio? I couldn't fnd a cache file anywhere or anything like that but it would at least be cool to know what it is I'm listening to (or more specifically, who's performing it)....hmm.

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    i'd say the "stairway" of the genre is probably thievery corporation - shadows of ourselves or the mirror conspiracy. or perhaps thunderball - solar... this coming from the dc sphere of influence, as it were. in any event, they're some of my favorites...

    frankly, if i knew how to open my computer as an ftp or whatnot, i'd do it anyway... i'm at school generally with a dedicated T3, so speeds are good...

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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    [quote]Originally posted by Jonathan:

    <strong>i'm at school generally with a dedicated T3, so speeds are good...


    Truly this must be a difficult thing for you to endure...dedicated T3. I can only imagine the suffering and distress caused by downloading OS X updates in 3 minutes or less, a good song in 30 seconds, warez in 10 minutes. Truly I pity you....

    <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />

    PS - I'll check out the tunes you noted. Thanks!
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