MACPRO electrical draw down question

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I`m looking at leasing a office unit with what ive been told has "60 amp 600 volt" electrical capacity.

The unit can be upgraded to 100amp with an additional 45KVA transformer.

at its current 60amp limit how many 8 core MACPROS with 30'apple monitors can I have running at once?

at 100amp limit how many?

Im not sure if air con is powered separately to the main supply. For this calculation Im assuming nothing else is using this circuit.

many thanks for opinions!


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,171moderator
    The '09 8-core Mac Pro consumes about 350W on its own, older ones around 500W. This is at full.

    Cinema display is about 100W. On average, 500W per Mac Pro including display is a reasonable estimate.

    So in the US, you get amps = 500W/110V = about 5 amps per Mac Pro so maximum of 12 x 8-core Mac Pros on a 60 amp circuit.

    And obviously 20 Mac Pros on the 100 amp upgrade.

    If you don't run them at maximum concurrently then you'll get more but those are safe numbers to work with.

    Also take into account if you get a photocopier, coffee machine etc.
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    dayrobotdayrobot Posts: 133member
    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post


    Also take into account if you get a photocopier, coffee machine etc.


    Paper shredders and vacuum cleaners tend to draw a lot too

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