5th Generation iPod Nano

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The 5th Generation iPod Nano is one of Apple's devices that go with its impressive improvements. This is the most popular music player nowadays. What's good about this is that it is packed to the gills with new video camera, FM radio, voice recording, Genius Mixes, a built-in speaker, and a larger screen compared to the first Apple iPod, it also gets a pedometer.

The device has the same size as the old one but differs physically only with its slightly larger screen and a bit smaller clickwheel. The new iPod Nano is slightly larger 2.2-inch screen (up from 2 inches) and a glossy, polished aluminum. The new larger screen can now display up to 12 lines of menu text (up from 10) and the Now Playing screen lists artist, album, and title information in three bolder, more readable lines at the top of the screen. Apple's iconic click wheel can still be found in front of the device, just below the curved glass screen. The click wheel is just an inch wide but its operation is no less instinctive and responsive than the larger wheels on other iPods. Still the hold button can be found on top of the device. Its headphone jack and the off-center dock connection are still found on its button but are reversed in position that can make the user be curious.

This also carries more new features than any of more on the outside revised predecessors. But there's an easy way to tell immediately that the one that you're holding is the 5th generation iPod Nano. Just flip it over and then you'll notice right away a bead-size video camera on its lower left side.

The Nano's camera is easy to use, letting you to jump right into recording after only two clicks from the main menu. Its 640x480-pixel resolution and MP4/H.264 video recording format (bit rates range between 2,500Kbps and 2,800Kbps) works natively in iTunes and most video playback software as well as video streaming Web sites including YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook. Apple's 5G iPod Nano can store an imposing 16 hrs of recorded video in its 8GB of storage.

Even with the Nano's ever-growing stable of features, music playback is still the beating heart of this iPod.

The lens runs flush with the Nano's aluminum body, but if the worn-and-scratched back of our fourth-generation Nano is any indication, we advise investing in a protective case to keep the camera in good working order.

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