Firefly - Free Augmented Reality iPhone Action Game

in iPhone edited January 2014
Help us get the word out. We've just developed a new proof-of-concept game, called Firefly, for the iPhone which, we believe, introduces a truly unqiue gaming experience.

Firefly transforms your outdoor surroundings into a virtual playground. Here's how it works (see diagram below):

1. You define the boundaries of your field using a google-maps style interface.

2. Your position and movement within these boundaries will control your in-game character. (e.g. Move to the top of the field, your character moves to the top of the screen.)

3. As you progress in the game, certain information is measured, such as distance travelled, time taken, and calories burned.

The result is a unqiue fitness-based gaming experience (think the Wii but more active).

We are just beginning to explore the concept (hence the proof-of-concept), but wanted to plant the seed that a new style of gaming is coming.

Firefly is free in the app store (

For more information on the technology, please see

Thank you for your time and consideration,



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