When Morons Converse

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From <a href="http://blogsofwar.blogspot.com/"; target="_blank">The Blogs Of War</a>. CNN.com has <a href="http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0202/28/lkl.00.html"; target="_blank">a complete transcript</a>.

[quote] Highlights from Larry King's Interview with Monica Lewinsky

Monica: I had really gone to Washington as a short pit stop on my way to graduate school.

Larry: And you wanted to be a what?

Monica: Forensic psychologist.

Larry: Really?

Monica: Yes.

Larry: Really? So that means examining, uh, examining...that's uh, um, examining...

Monica: Looking at the interaction between psychology and law...

Larry: Really? Is that, really?

Monica: Yes.

Larry: Is that when you first met the President?

Monica: No. I met him in August of '95, at a departure ceremony. You've probably been to one of those.

Larry: Someone's leaving?

Monica: He's leaving...

Larry: So, uh, did you, hmm, say to yourself, um, this is the President?

Monica: Larry, I was a 22 year old foolish kid...

Larry: A victim, in a sense. I mean you're a figure of the 20th Century.

Monica: I don't want to use the word victim...

Larry: From flirtation to intimacy. (coughs) What was it like? The first time, for you? Everyone would have to think, I mean, anyone would think of that, as a first time, uh it's, mm, well, OK, it's one thing, to begin a relationship, um, everyone has it, we've all begun relationships. But this, this is with...

Monica: Exactly.

Larry: A person, someone who's larger than life?

Monica: I think the point is that people are all human beings. And that's what I came to see. And that's the person I came to know...

Larry: So, I see, so, um, it uh wasn't President Clinton? It was, I mean, um, Bill Clinton?

Monica: Yes.... it's the same excitement of when you first get together with anybody.

Larry: It was, uh, um, mm, OK, and the attraction, the attraction was first? (coughs) It was not who it was, it was it. It was what it was. Mmm?

Monica: Yes, it was that chemistry.

Larry : Oh. OK. It's got to be difficult. You're always going to be, you're always, always going to be Monica. Monica Lewinsky.

Monica: Yes.

Larry: Right?

Monica: Until I get married.

Larry: That's right. (laughs) Change the name.

Monica: Or move it to my middle name.

Larry: Yes. (laughs) You've got wonderful parents.

Monica: Huh? Oh, yes.

Larry: And finally, do you ever, uh, well, do you have the thought, I am history. I'm part of history? You know, like, um, I mean, ask an astronaut when you, I mean, when you, uh, look at the moon. If you walked on the moon? What did it, um, what does that feel like?

Monica: I don't, I don't know. I don't ...

Larry: You. You're just you.

Monica: I guess so. I mean, that's -- I'm kind of just me.

Larry: OK. OK (laughs)



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