Concern Grows Over Terrorist Nuke Threat

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[quote] Participants in those exercises said the gaps in their knowledge are considerable. But the intelligence community, they said, believes that al Qaeda could already control a stolen Soviet-era tactical nuclear warhead or enough weapons-grade material to fashion a functioning, if less efficient, atomic bomb.

Even before more recent discoveries, some analysts regarded that prospect as substantial. Some expressed that view when the intelligence community devoted a full-day retreat to the subject early last year in Chantilly, Va., according to someone with firsthand knowledge.

A majority of those present assessed the likelihood as negligible, but none of the more than 50 participants ruled it out.

The consensus government view is now that al Qaeda probably has acquired the lower-level radionuclides strontium 90 and cesium 137, many thefts of which have been documented in recent years. These materials cannot produce a nuclear detonation, but they are radioactive contaminants. Conventional explosives could scatter them in what is known as a radiological dispersion device, colloquially called a "dirty bomb."



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    corvettecorvette Posts: 561member
    Really scary stuff. If anything happens, I'm escaping to Armenia, <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    From what I read about what they find in Afghanistan it seems these people had no clue what they were doing. One report said that they may have been duped into buying something "radioactive". Turns out what they had was a container that had been covered in waste to fool a Gigger counter.

    So ...

    It seems that it's the states you have to worry about. Iraq, N. Korea et al. They can build bombs.
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