iTunes: Video Window is Missing

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Hey, I have iTunes set up to play videos in a separate window, but for some reason whenever I start a video (movie, tv show, video podcast, etc.) the audio plays, but there's no video window. HD or SD. I updated to iTunes 9.1 yesterday, and there were no problems yesterday, but today it just stopped working for no reason. Anyone know of a fix?


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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Have you tried toggling the pref to another format (full screen or in iTunes window), seeing if that works, then toggling back to separate window?
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    I've done that on each option, multiple times, no success.

    Also, if I choose play in artwork viewer, the video doesn't play in the artwork viewer, I just see the album art. Not sure if this is normal.

    Also, whenever I select the name of the film in the window top bar section, there's no checkmark like is normally seen when you're in the chosen window. Also, expose doesn't work, I see all windows except the current playing video.

    I am now forced to watch my iTunes movies in the iTunes window, and I HATE IT! X_X! It's not what I'm used to, I like browsing the iTunes Store while watching TV...sigh. I'm sorry if I sound infuriating or picky...I'm an Apple Guy because I love that everything works together seamlessly, and now it's not working
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    chabigchabig Posts: 626member
    I've got something similar going on here. When the video plays, I hear it but there is no video window. If I select full screen, the video plays normally but when I leave full screen mode, the video window remains gone. It's weird and I have not figure it out yet.
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    chabigchabig Posts: 626member
    I just deleted my iTunes preference files and now the video window is back. However, the View>Video size menu is grayed out while a movie is playing and not grayed out when no movie is playing...
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    heymbitheymbit Posts: 3member
    Yes chabig, that was EXACTLY what I have now. I'm hesitant to try deleting the preference files because I need view>video size when I'm watching an HD video...argh!
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    Yup. Same here.
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    I can listen to the video playing but theres no video window showing, even if I try to go to full screen mode, it does nothing.
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    I have this exact issue and deleted my itunes preferences several times. Then I remembered that quicktime, NOT itunes is responsible for all video on a mac. So I deleted the quicktime preferences (I just deleted all of them instead of playing so I don't know which one for sure).

    So far everything is working well.
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