The new wifey iPod Touch, a great deal, and a gag

in iPhone edited January 2014
So if you are looking for a deal on an iPod, do what I did yesterday. Go to Best Buy and have them match the Walmart price for their iPod Touch. It saved me $44 on one yesterday (already gone up a bit now to $264 from $255.)

The fun came next. My wife is turning 40 and had been declaring all week that "you only turn 40 once so let's make it special." I thought her new iMac at Christmas had been pretty special too, but I digress. So we come down to "the big present" and she knows it is supposed to be an iPod Touch because that was what she asked to get. I had prearranged for a friend of mine to bring a fake gift for unveiling during this time. It was basically his beater iPod Touch, already a couple years and generations old which we made look even worse by sticking in a plastic shopping bag and then putting that inside of a mailing envelope. As she opened it, I went into this spiel about how I had found such a deal on Craigslist and about how it was X% cheaper and I knew she would still love it.

She hit the power button and a picture of my friend's wife appeared which gave it away but up until that point it was totally sold. She thought her birthday present was going to be this used beat up Craigslist find and it was so hard not to laugh as her friend on her right gave me the world's biggest stinkeye for being the bad husband.

After that the real gift came out. Yippee for our newest family member, a 32 gig iPod touch. My lowly 8 gig iPhone 3G (yes a Craigslist find for me) is very jealous of its size and speed but at least I got in a pretty decent April Fool's Joke a day early.
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