iPad madness

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There are iPad threads all over Temporary Insanity, Current Hardware, Future Hardware and General Discussion. They all belong in one forum. The iPad subforum of the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad forum.


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    iWant my iPad and iPad Forum!

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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    The structure they just put in is a total disaster, IMO. Two of the new sub-forums have had 0 posts since they've been up.

    Keep it simple, AI!
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    tontontonton Posts: 14,067
    Seriously! Kasper!!! Kasper!!!! Prince!!! I'm talking to you!!!!

    Why the hell do you keep posting iPad threads in "Current Hardware"?

    There is an iPad forum! Use it.

    Clean up the forum layout. It's an incredible mess.
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