Study Finds "Globalization reduces child labor"

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<a href=""; target="_blank">The UPI story</a> about it. Well duh! I assume that sometime soon we'll get a study noting the strange coincidence of blue sky on sunny days. If the anti-globalization crowd is to achieve their current plan to keep the Third World mired in wretched poverty - this is not their stated goal but it will be the inevitable outcome should they get their way - they'll need to find something else to demonize.


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    [kneejerkliberal]Hey shut up. Racist. You said something I don't agree with. You're a racist.[/kneejerkliberal]
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    thentrothentro Posts: 231member
    That seamed like a very good survey (what was published for free, the real document costs $5 at <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>). It pointed out its flaws as well as its findings.

    In some places free trade can benefit everybody but that is not the rule. Also it focused on agriculture (mainly rice) only.

    [quote] "In addition, it should be noted the Vietnam had several factors working in the favor of decreasing child labor, including the type of liberalization undertaken, the generally equitable distribution of land, and the pervasiveness of rice as a crop." <hr></blockquote>

    I would like to see the same study recreated in say, Nicaragua where free trade zones do not help the workers and land is not as well distributed as it is in Vietnam. In this case much of the free trade rewards goes to the elite with no unionization allowed.

    -Scott H you are a racist (but thats a different thread)
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