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Everyone keeps criticizing the Ipad for being a giant ipod touch, I dont necessarily think that's a bad thing since having a bigger screen significantly optimizes the experience and possibilities of many apps, but my real question would be:

Would the Ipad have been praised better if it came BEFORE the Iphone/ Ipod touch? I feel if the Ipad had come first then there would be no biased measuring stick to hold it to, and EVEN when the ipod touch released after and both products could be compared I still don't think ppl would've complained as much. I guess the point is that people aren't seeing the Ipad for what it is because they are too busy comparing it to the Ipod touch.


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    dayrobotdayrobot Posts: 133member
    If there was no iPod touch, it would have been compared to "full featured" Windows tablets, and slammed for its inability to run apps concurently (seems like what it does is hibernates the other open app that is not in use), and lack of Flash, and lack of USB ports, and something else...

    It would've been compared to a digital picture frame with a touchscreen!

    I mean those picture frames really got popular sometime in '07... at least that's when Costco started selling them. I hardly ever shop anywhere else.

    So anyway, what iPhone and the iPod touch have done is smooth the transition. So the lack of features will simply be seen as a trademark of sorts. The Apple way, if you will.

    And without the thousands of apps in the app store already, the iPad would've fallen flat....

    It's a consumer device, but you see, the consumer has to be prepped for its arrival, for it to seem "natural"

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,228moderator
    It's an interesting consideration. The UI would have been just as impressive but the cost, form factor and lack of functionality would've worked against it.

    The mobile devices worked because they hit a billion-strong market with a best-in-class product. With touch slates, there was and to some extent is no real market for them yet. The eBook readers as Apple pointed out pioneered the digital slate usage.

    I think the way Apple decided to go was the right one. Scaling up apps to fit on a big screen is easier than shrinking them to fit on a phone.
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    In all the time I've had my iPhone, I have not had a single time when I've felt that I needed the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously. Really.

    If an app is well designed, it will pick right back up where you left off anyway, so it's no different in function from minimizing a window...

    Now the iPad's bigger screen is another story...but I still think it'll work out ok. Again, use it for what it's for. It looks like it'll be able to do about 95% of what I need my laptop to do, at 2/3 of the price, greater portability, longer battery life, less heat, and multitouch. Sign me up.

    Then again, I'm not really a "power user". I'm a student, so I need to be able to read textbooks, access some medical apps, and check my mail/social sites. I'm very excited about the video prospects of this thing though, and if all goes well, I may be ditching my cable at long last.
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