How is the at&t service on your iphone

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Keep in mind that we are talking about how you are rating your PHONE SERVICE on your IPHONE!


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    mbsmdmbsmd Posts: 34member
    Pretty darn spotty for me. Works well for a time then will drop to 1 bar for 5-10 min, then pick up again.

    Bottom line is I find it too unreliable to use despite my great desire. I've switched to a Verizon Droid and find it's a hundred times more reliable. Still have the iPhone though - just can't part with it.
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    I'll bet I haven't had 5 dropped calls in 4 years with ATT (Cingular) It just works. The only places I don't get a signal are on rural interstates. But I'm not sure another carrier would fare any better in those locales.

    Edge data sucked, with iPhone1 ... but the 3G service has been no problem.
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    fuzz_ballfuzz_ball Posts: 390member
    The reception at my house is absolutely terrible! Dropped calls are the norm. If a call can last 15 minutes without dropping its like a minor miracle, if it lasts for 20 minutes I'm considering buying a lotto ticket cause I think it must be my lucky day!

    Now before you blame where I live, or my house, or the 100 foot trees in my yard, I should let you know that T-Moble is 100% rock solid at my house. I know this because my wife has a work phone and its T-Mobile and it NEVER drops calls.

    I'm praying that Apple's exclusivity ends soon and T-Mobile gets a crack at the iPhone. I won't do Verizon because there have been many times I appreciated the ability to have someone on speaker phone while looking up something on the internet or on google maps and Verizon's network just can't do that.

    Okay, I'm done ranting
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    pmzpmz Posts: 3,433member
    Where's the option for excellent? I have no complaints, I never drop a call, and get 2.5 Mbps regularly. Until 4G it doesn't get any better than this in the US.
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