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Studio Owners UNITE!

I was thinking to myself about whether there will ever be a Midi 2.0. It's been oft rumored but never anything but a wish list. Well this topic is our wishlist. I don't even have a studio yet but I have some ideas on where Midi could go for the future. Please...add your own.

I think Midi should evolve into a modular component architecture like Quicktime.

That way it could be as large or small as you need correctly scaling depending on the Studio's needs.

I would like to see Midi 2.0 contain at the least modules to handle:

1. Device Control- Having the ability to control more devices with a more fine resolution. Controller steps that could be increased beyond the typical 0-127 8 bit resolution. This component would benefit from being modular by allowing Drums, Wind, string and all other devices a common uniform architecture to transmit controller data.

2. Synchonization- Embeddable sync for multiple protocols like MTC, SMPT and any legacy and new protocols that are created. Hopefully having the sync embedded could clean up any midi slop by time aligning the mide evens and cleaning up your sequencing and timing of digital audio. Speaking of Digital Audio...have Midi 2.0 control Word Clock so that all digital devices in the studio adhere to the same Clock.

3. Media Access - Setup a structure that makes midi signals capable of running over a variety of cabling systems from ethernet to to MLAN Firewire to optical. Studios want the ability to fly audio in from other Workstations complete with Synch and Timecode issues embedded.

4. Logging- Give us the ability to record and log almost everything we do in the studio so that Automated systems can be created. Proprietary systems exist but this needs to be the domain of every studio out there. Backups could then save this log as well as the actual audio making remixes a breeze.

Well there's a rough template. Any Midi heads have any ideas or irks that they think can be addressed by a "Smart" Midi??

Sound off!


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    wrong robotwrong robot Posts: 3,907member
    I would love to get into midi...I have a bunch of midi devices but I don't have any midi in on my computer...so I can't take advantage of software sequencers. I'm planning on getting a midiman 2x2 usb midi input for the time being, and then when I get my next computer(definatly a tower) I will get a nice super sound card.

    I like midi though....its good stuff, even though there are a lot of wierd technical things I don't quite understand. I'm sure alot could be done if a midi 2.0 is ever implmented...however I've heard rumors about midi2 for years.
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    arakageetaarakageeta Posts: 141member
    Please excuse my ignorance: What is the use of midi? Why not use other recorded solutions instead? Does midi serve as a rough draft of sorts?
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