iPad cracked already via Safari

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I wouldn't advise using Safari for anything potentially hostile or blind links.

I wish Apple would get on it and fix it's glaring security issues.



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,898moderator
    Yeah it's a bit worrying that the flaws are clearly in the open and ready to be exploited. Safari has a zero-day exploit that bypasses the code-signing. It's not alone of course, Firefox 3 and IE8 have similar exploits:


    Safari exploit to run code > enable ssh

    Then you can do whatever you want as root. So much for the sandbox.

    In some ways, I quite like that it's not difficult to do as the jailbreak tools were a bit worrying when the device just went black but I don't like security holes that others can maliciously exploit.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,367member

    You guys still believe in security? It's by and large a myth.
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    spotonspoton Posts: 645member
    Originally Posted by hmurchison View Post


    You guys still believe in security? It's by and large a myth.

    Holy cow! Microsoft has got the state of Washington believing that?

    Safari is a real test for Apple, it's all theirs and it's exposed to the world, if they fail it, then everything Microsoft says is true.
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