iPhone Application Spam

in iPhone edited January 2014
Recently one of my iPhone applications spammed my whole gmail account. I wanted to hear a perspective from iPhone users on this new trend and to learn ways to protect myself and others from this happening again.

The only application I can blame at this point in my investigative process is www.fring.com, a free voip and messaging company. This is the only application I shared my gmail contact list with not knowing that it would be spammed. The other applications I downloaded in a 24 hour period were: icall, textPlus, & truphone. However I did not share my gmail contact list with these applications.

The online company Aviary had a problem with an iPhone application spamming his account. However this was another application called iDrive (which I don't own). You can read about his similar trials and tribulations here:


Does anyone have a list of applications that are deserving the iPhone community like this? There needs to first be a sham and blame campaign followed by legal action on this illegal practice.


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