iPad: Issues, tips, tricks list

in iPad edited January 2014
Created this thread to compile the issues, tips and tricks with the iPad.

The first two are these, please add your own.

"Not charging" The iPad might display this when hooked up to a USB port. This just means the power of the port isn't strong enough to charge the iPad, perhaps slowly in sleep mode. Use the supplied charger instead.

"iPad needs to cool down" The iPad displays this warning apparently when the temperature exceeds the recommended 95º F / 35º C. It's been reported to occur when the device is exposed to sunny conditions. It might also likely to occur more often in warm climates like Florida, California, Arizona, New Mexico etc., where people are used to 80º F daily temperatures. Sitting in direct sunlight or in a hot car probably wouldn't be a good idea for many devices, the iPad included. Keep these devices in cool environments to prolong their lifespan.
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