Memory question on the imac

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I think I may be getting an 27" iMac i7 with parallels 5 and windows 7. Is it worth it to get 8gb of ram instead of 4gb?


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    dayrobotdayrobot Posts: 133member
    Depends on how often you upgrade. Five years from now, 8Gb should still be quite a bit, so your iMac should give you ~7 years of good use, if it doesn't die before that or get fried by lightning (a friend had that happen to his iBook)

    If you buy a new machine every two years, it probably wouldn't matter, unless you do 3D modeling.

    If you have a hundred things open in a VM with Windows in it, plus Photoshop and a 15 browser windows under OS X, then 8Gb may be faster, as it won't be doing any memory swapping

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