Dreadful AppleInsider iPhone Site

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There are very few things that make me want to throw my iPhone at the wall, but the AppleInsider iPhone site manages it...

1) It seems to be very buggy with respect to redirecting from the main site, particularly with # anchors in the URL. From Google Reader I frequently get sent to the wrong article, or no article at all (just the front page).

2) The top and bottom bars that disappear when you scroll are a dreadful, dreadful idea. I scroll down to get the next thing I want to read at the top of the page, release - and the thing I want to read is covered up by the top bar. Utterly awful experience as a user.

3) Today I can't use the site at all, because it instantly redirects to the live.appleinsider.com site - whether I want it to or not.

Seriously, it's by a distance the worst site I browse to on my iPhone. By a huge distance. Better off with the standard version.


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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    i didn't like it from day one

    those top and bottom bars floating around always hid what i was reading


    i just use the full site as a bookmark and trashed the AI app
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    cory bauercory bauer Posts: 1,286member
    As of this evening my iPad is being forced to the iPhone version of the site; please correct this! Thank you.
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    smiles77smiles77 Posts: 668member
    It really is horrid. I have my iPod Touch revert to the standard site.
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    eyedanneyedann Posts: 3member
    Aside from the bars at the top and bottom, I think the site works really well. It's very quick when clicking on an article. Takes you there with no loading time. It's almost instantaneous. This compared to plenty of other "iPhone" web sites where there is a ridiculous load time. How does AI do it?

    The bars at the top and bottom were annoying but I've gotten use to them and scroll up just enough so I can still read without the bars overlapping the text i'm reading.

    So I have to say, in comparison to other "iPhone" news sites out there, it's very quick and responsive. I do prefer this to scrolling and zooming in and out to see headlines and such. Accidentally clicking on a link when i only intended on a scroll.

    The ease of use and quickness of the iphone site is really the hands down winner for me.
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    badgiobadgio Posts: 1member
    I'm with Mahoney on this!

    I use NewsRack on the iphone extensively for my rss feeds and am having the exact same problems, although now its a lot worse!

    Instead of being redirected to the wrong articles, now I just get a blank page.

    So basically, I have to open any interesting article in Safari or use Ars, MacRumors etc.

    Very infuriating, as I really value the quality and depth of the articles here (yes even those by Daniel Eran Dilger)

    I notice that there is no response or acknowledgement of the previously reported issues from AI, are they 'doing' an Apple!
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