Enron, the blame game...

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I searched through the old topic and none seemed to focus on Enron by itself so I will create this one and watch it go into obscurity.

When Enron was first brought up everyone was panting over how this would be the first real scandal of the "Dubya" Administration. And at the same time they were screaming to stop looking at old news Clinsot style and get wiht the times. Enron is where it's at. Well, <a href="http://www.washtimes.com/op-ed/20020301-81813671.htm"; target="_blank">this article has combined the two</a>.

For those who argued the it is the Bush administrations fault that Enron had its strotospheric rise to power and therefore the earth shattering fall at the end should read this. Seems you can't touch any scandal in Washington without finding Clinton somewhere at the base of it all...


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    sebseb Posts: 676member
    Wow, it took the author two paragraphs to justify the story.

    However, once she got to the meat she asserts that Clinton and Bush are bums of equal guilt/status. I guess that was the point.

    Ok. I'll buy that. They're both bums.

    What's the point? Didn't we already know the government is corrupted by money, and the corporations that sponsor it? I mean, why would Bush spend over a billion dollars to get a job that pays a little over $200,000 a year. Clinton or Gore were no angels either, so don't mistake me for defending their butts either.

    You have to admit though, that the number of Enron (ex)employess infesting the White House is kind of creepy.

    And now this thing with Dick Cheney and the company he is CEO of - Halliburton - getting a sweet deal in the form of a pipeline through Afghanistan is kinda creepy too. Oh, and they have the contract for building the bases too. Funny that.

    Almost as funny, in a creepy way, as seeing John Ashcroft sing.

    let the eagle soar....la da duh da dum dah
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