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Hi, I just bought 3GS 3.1.3 locked and noticed that when iPhone is off, display is "edged" with 1mm thick, from both sides gray lines. Also, when turning on the iPhone and when the "Connect to iTunes screen prompts" I noticed that picture displays only inside that "edged" space. When I JB the phone in the near future (hoping so), will this disappear or it is some kind of a iPhone failure? Thank you in advance.


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    Try a restore. Hopefully your problem is software related. You also mentioned you just bought this phone so...if the restore doesn't work...take it back and have them exchange it. There should not be a gray edge on the display - especially after its "off" as there should be no power to the LCD and the LCD should be completely black.

    If the problem is hardware :-( locked or JB....the problem will persist.

    Good luck.
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    Today a customer brought in a iPhone 3G that of course had this white border around the LCD screen as described in your post. I was surprised and remembered my comments. In this case the phone was subjected to liquid ( furniture cleaning oils ) and the oil had managed to work its way into the LCD but only to the edges. Some how shorting out only the areas near the edge of the LCD. Unfortunately.. his iPhone is now being recycled.
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    The other day it was a warm sunny day. So sunny in fact...had to break out the polarized sun glasses. Of course as always I am mess'n with my iPhone and saw what can be easily described as a white or gray border - about 1mm around the entire edge of the LCD. Having written on this post the past few days it caught my attention especially since I know I have had no liquid spills, drops and the phone is not jail broken. I shut it down... reset it ... nothing worked... It was a white border. As soon as I got out of the sun.... no white border.

    As it turns out the iPhone LCDs have a very small non useable border around the edge of the LCD. In most cases this is black or dark gray. However, under the right lighting conditions - intense ambient light - this border can become lighter gray or even white. Combine this with polarized lenses and you get a nice white border in this area of non usable LCD space.

    I have tried this test on iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS and they all respond the same way - yes... regardless of cell carrier.

    I will be tearing into some LCDs in the next week to see if there is anything that is causing the reflectivity / refraction effect.
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