Any way to mark multiple threads as read?

in Feedback edited January 2014
I use the color/no color thing to keep track of whether or not there have been new posts in threads that I'm interested in. It would be more convenient if I could quickly update threads I'm not interested in as having been "read", so that the color/no color toggle on the primary main page forum icons would give me a quick look at new activity.

As it is, when there are many posts going on in many threads, I have to

-- go to the last page of the thread

-- back out one level at a time

-- for each thread I want to register as "read"

So I was wondering if there's any way to mark multiple threads at once as having been read, or something like the "mark as all read" thing from email.

As it stands, if I don't look at the forums for a while, the new post alerts are useless because there are so many of them, unless I want to spend some time clicking in and out of multiple threads.
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