When is the right time to buy a Mac?

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If you're one of these folks that like to read up on Apple rumors (and, if you're reading this, you are ), you're always thinking about the next great Mac. With that better Mac on your mind, if you're in the market for a new Mac (in the present ) , when do you bite the bullet and buy it?

This is the first time in my Mac buying "career" that I haven't just gone out and bought a Mac exactly when I thought I needed it and had the money to do so (both simultaneously). Luckily, that's worked just great for me in the past. I have never had "buyer's remorse" when, after buying a Mac, Apple very soon afterwards has released a much better model which I wished I had waited for. It just hasn't happened to me. I always (luckily) managed to purchase at, what in hindsight seemed to be, the perfect moment.

Right now, I'm sitting on a pile of cash trying to figure out what to do. That is, I need a new Mac and I have the cash right now. However, if the G5's are going to be here in three weeks, for example, I can afford to wait a little longer.

Anybody out there have any insight here? Rules of thumb for figuring out the right time to buy a Mac?


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    I am afaid that nobody in the forum can really help you to make the great decision.

    Actually I am in a similar situation like you currently. I want to have a powerbook. But

    besides many talks on various rumors (that is all about, isn't it? ), there is no concrete date

    for the release of new PowerMacs. During last 10 days, although there were several guys claimed

    they had "confirmed" information, but these turned out to be either false alarms or helpless ("soon" = a day, a week, a month, a quarter, all up to your interpretation)

    Maybe we need someone to put a bug in Jobs' office. :cool:
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    If you need one, then buy it. Obviously since the iMac has been changed dramatically, I'd say for the next 2 years there will be only incremental changes. If you continually wait you'll wind up never getting one. If it suits your needs then there's no need to wait.
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    one thing is sure : dont buy a powermac now: wait the next upgrade . see if youf find the new model at your taste or not. Later there will be a better mac,as always.

    as you have done before the right time to buy a mac is when you need a new one;

    question for what use you want a new mac,what's new feature do you want ?

    Answer this questions and you will see when the mac you want will ship.

    Buying a new mac is not everything, buying software for os X is an another big improve perhaps more important that raw speed. I wish to have all my software supported directly by os X. I want to leave classic. Changing all my software is a great investissement (more expansive than change my mac). I have to upgrade the following software :



    adobe premiere (i should tike final cut pro 3 )


    virtual pc (i wait the shipment of vpc 5 : they are out of order now)



    4D server with 2 users licenses

    I will be happy when everything will work under mac os X.
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