What about the White Macbook?! :-)

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
Hey! They forgot to update the trusty ol' white macbook!

Still no SD slot? No upgrade? And the price diff between it and the 13" macbook pro is still the same! Fairly small amount at $100 more for the pro with the same set up.


White Macbook 2.26ghz BTO w/ 4 GB RAM and a 500 HD is $1,124

13" Macbook pro 2.4ghz w/4 GB RAM and a 500 HD is $1,234

So for just $100 bucks more, you get a much faster computer(new processor and graphics) with fire wire and an SD slot.

The white macbook should at least get an SD slot :-)

I guess they'll update the white macbook in September for the back to school crowd? But again, even the most cash strapped college kid is gonna look at the small price diff, and say GIVE ME THE PRO version! You get too much more for too little diff in price. Sales of the white macbook are gonna plummet IMHO.

And what about the Macbook Air? It should get an update too. Even tho it's a full fledged computer, the ipad is gonna eat into it's sales without a nice update. Perhaps an SD slot too? But at the very least....4GB of ram and a larger HD wouldn't be too much to ask. :-0 And perhaps a redesigned trackpad. The Macbook Air still uses the old style with the separate click button.

Thoughts? :-)
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