i7 MBP - advise needed

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Hi all,

I've waited very long for this new MBP hardware refresh.

Now I want to buy an i7 MBP in order to replace my late 2006 c2d MBP.

I need this MBP for doing web-development, design, rubyonrails-coding, webbrowsing, HD-Photographing with Aperture, DJing (Traktor, Ableton Live) and perhaps I want to start a game from time to time).

Concerning the following points I would greatly appreciate your feedback:

1. 17" or 15" PLUS Glare or Anti-Glare

The i7 is available for the 15" and 17" MBPs so besides the higher price for the 17" model I felt that the resolution is perhaps a little bit to high on this model (1920*1200). I like to see more but I don't want to kill my eyes. You think that the higher-res 1680px version of the 15" model is also as small as on the 17" version?

Normally I would be perfectly happy with the 15" 1440px version but the antiglare version has 1680px on 15" and on 17" I have the ultra small 1920px where I can hardly read the display.

Do you think the higher resolution screen of the 15" MBP is too small?

Are the current glossy displaysso good that I don't need antiglare?

2. SSD or 7200RMP HDD

SSD is very expensive when bigger than 128GB. This is pretty small and it pisses me of that apple has no option to build in a second HDD instead of superdrive.

For me it is important that the Apps I run run as fast as hell. Especially I want Keynote, Textmate, Pixelmator and Apperture to be as fast as possible.

How fast is the Apples MBP SSD concerninig Read / Write and Random Access compared to the 7200RPM Model? Would you recommend buying the SSD? I don't want my HDD to be the bottleneck.

3. 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM

Do you think that it is a wise decision to wait for RAM prices to drop and then manually upgrade the RAM to 8GB?

Thanks for your comments and feedback in advance...
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