iPad and Camera Kit Question

in iPhone edited January 2014
I am curious if either one of the flip camera or the kodak zi8 will be able to transfer video directly to the Apple iPad. The iPad has a camera kit with a usb attachment and a SD card attachment, but I'm not sure if the flip will be able to hook up to it, and even if it can hook up....will you be able to transfer your 720p HD clips to the ipad directly without having to go thru your computer first. Do you know?

The Kodak Zi8 uses both usb and also has an SD card, so same question, will you be able to take the SD card out of the Kodak and put it into the iPad's SD card reader....and if so, will you be able to transfer HD video clips over to the ipad? The Kodak not only shoots in 720p like the Flip, but also full 1080p as well.

I know you wouldn't be able to really EDIT movies on the iPad, since a "lite" version of imovie hasn't come out for it yet(hopefully!)....but I'd like to find out if you'd at least be able to transfer HD clips to the ipad directly using the camera kit.

I can't get an answer from the apple store, so I figured I'd ask here. :-)

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