How will ATT plans work with iPad?

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No contract is cool. Me likey. But how easy will it be to start and stop?

I know you sign up for either the 250 or unlimited data plans directly thru the ipad....but when will you have to cancel the plan by if you don't want it to roll over?

For instance, lets say you sign up for the unlimited plan from May 7th to June 7th, because you'll be traveling then and will need it. But you'll be back on the 8th of June.

Could you cancel on June 7th? or even June 8th? Or will you have to cancel much earlier to be safe. And if you cancel a week early to be safe, you'll still be covered for the rest of the month you paid for right?

Also, will you be penalized at ALL if you start and stop service A LOT?

Just curious if anyone knows the answer to this. :-)


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    I don't know. But why not look here

    The text makes it sound like they are billing by calendar months. But the screen shot shows mid month billing. What is not stated is if this mid month start/finish time was based on when the user signs up or is the normal ATT billing month.
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