Lacie 2 TB does not come up

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Today My LAcie 2TB Drive decided to give me the flashing lite and not come up. The drive is not what is important her rather the data on it. It is not backed up . I am running it externally together with an old Emac ( 1ghz ) through the firewire 400 port.

I have installed like 5 partitions one of which is a MACOS 10.5 (latest ) which is what I come up on every day, and like for other partitions one being backup and three others being just data ( images, etc )

Every nite, I shut down the computer and totally power down the drive after the lite in front stops flickering.

every morning I first turn on the drive and after it spins up, I turn on the computer which is set to boot off the external MACOS partition on the lacie.

Today, it came up on the internal drive which is running macos 10.3 and the freaking lacie just flashes it light. I tried booting on the MACOS 10.5 DVD and tried running the apple's disk utility which just sees it as one lacie with 0000 bytes.

I turned off the drive, removed it and connected it to a 2.9 ghz imac through its USB port and tried running disk utility which does not even see the lacie .

I read in the different articles posted that its a good idea to before anything , try to change the power supply with another one but I do not have another 2.2 tb lacie and the other lacie drives I have use different power supplies. I have thought of grabbing the drive and going somewhere where someone somehow has another 2.2 tb lacie drive running on apple and see if I can resolve the problem by swapping the power supply ( wishful thinking ) but I have no resources for this either. Mybe apple store? May be somewhere else.

Now the most important thing is that I really don't care about the drive but its content . So sending it in for a replacement is not an option. I will not consider sending it in for data recovery either as I cannot risk some idiot trying to make $1000 or $1500 on me and in the process ending up frying the drive. My life is on there , over twenty years of my work.

I have powered off the drive a couple of times ( through power switch ) but when I think of it maybe turning off when light is flashing is a no no, but there is no other option! If I can't get the data off of this, might as well commit suicide!

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