Princeton DHCP issue w iPad - IP lease renewal

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This fellow found the info and posted on a Washington Post comments thread. Issue heavily driven by Princeton's desire/need to provide globally addressable IP addresses to client devices without putting those devices behind NAT. Those global IP addresses are in short supply and Princeton recovers their idle ones quickly.


"....The real problem here isn't bandwidth but a software bug in how the iPad (and iPhones) get their network address.

Princeton posted an article about this here:

From that article, they have linked to another article that describes a workaround for the issue:

What this means: this can be fixed with an update to the iPad and iPhones and isn't some problem created by how these devices are normally used. In other words, this is a temporary problem and not a permanent one or one that will require infrastructural changes.

(Jocuball's) opinion is that George Washington University saying that they don't "plan to offer iPad access for at least another year" seems to be an over reaction.

Posted by: jcouball | April 19, 2010 7:04 PM"
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