Is their any chance of cheaper iPhone plans this time around?

in iPhone edited January 2014
I was wondering, do you guys think there is any chance that apple will force At&t and rogers to have cheaper iPhone plans so they can sell more with the new one coming out this summer? In Canada I know we get screwed over. $50 dollars for every other smart phone gives you data, and my 5 canada wide or other great options and you can select cheap add ons, but with the iphone the plans start at $60 and you cant have Canada wide my 5 and you only have two add-on packages. The $20 or $40 addons, which don't include long distance. For long distance you have to pay $80 and the caller i.d is in both those add on. I know some people will say if i cant afford it I don't deserve it or something, but there is no need for this kind of price difference.
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