Track Pad on new 15" MBP Core i7

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I just purchased a new 15" MBP Core i7.... On the track pad I am able to suppress and click most of the pad(all but about the top quarter inch). I don't recall on my old MBP if the pad did the seems that I was only able to click the very bottom(1 inch) of the track pad.

I'm wondering if my new MBP track pad is somehow faulty or loose, or are they just made that way now.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.



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    pyrixpyrix Posts: 264member
    Typing this on previous iteration MBP 13", and the track pad seems to have the same functionality. Didn't notice it until I tried it though.

    But I can click on everywhere but the top 1/1.5cm, so I think its normal behaviour. The click is deeper on the bottom edge though.
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    Glad to hear that.... Yeah mine has a deeper click at the bottom.

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    When I purchased this new MBP(2 days ago), I also opted for the new Bluetooth Magical Mouse....I love great, the best mouse Apple has ever produced for sure.
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