Goverment is targeting raves and underground dance culture

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    those bastards
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    Is stupidity now illegal?

    I didn't read the article, but I'm fine with it just from reading the topic title.
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    **** them.

    I get followed by the DEA at times.

    Yes, the DEA.

    Something about a kid driving a nice car and frequenting record shops and clubs screams 'hey my trunk's got 5,000 ecstasy pills in it! come get me!'

    Whenever I notice i'm being followed, i drive to the closest golf course or driving range and open my trunk and PULL OUT MY GOLF CLUBS SO THE MORONS CAN SEE WHATS IN MY TRUNK.

    What boneheads. Personal responsibility. Just crack down on the idiot rave promoters that let <18 year olds into the places. They have no place there, and frankly, the club vibe of older, more sophisticated folks enjoying themselves listening to good (read: not rave) music is ruined by some moron wearing pants that are 4 sizes too big for them, with necklaces and candy all over them, demanding hugs and massages.

    PLUR pile this, twits. I *LIVE* to laugh at kandy ravers. and guess what, they're all 15 or 16. NONE of them should be in the place, but they are. If it's an >21 event, they aren't there, because the club can get their ass kicked royally by the cops for underage drinking. Underage attendance of a club doesn't exist. it's an arbitrary standard, so it's tough to enforce.

    It's a shame because the good places get the bad rap.
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    u tell em jonny!
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    wrong robotwrong robot Posts: 3,907member
    I got nothing against undergroun raves and parties....I almost went to a few in my day. I don't think the gov't should be wasting their efforts on such pointless dribble...when was the last time a candy raver killed someone? or when was the last time a major party seriously affected everyday life for americans?

    I say if they just keep to themselves and don't cause any damage, its alright with me.

    wheres g4dude? he'd better hide
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