Ipod freezes on certain songs. Help!

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OK, so as the title explains, my Ipod is freezing, but only on certain songs.

Things to know (that may or may not help)

1. The song types are plain ol' .mp3s

2. When the Ipod freezes, it doesn't totally freeze, so much as it locks up. I can rotate the wheel, but it only increases volume (the volume of nothing but the menu clicks, as nothing plays) and I can no longer go back or pause or skip. I have been forced to reset it.

3. The songs play perfectly fine in Itunes.

Lastly- I use a 3rd gen nano that's running 1.1.3 firmware.

Help if you can!


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    spotonspoton Posts: 645member
    Note which songs are locking and write them down.

    Reformat the iPod and reload without those marked songs, see if itś the songs or the iPod.

    Be sure to try to maximize the storage on the iPod as to catch all memory segments.

    Create another playlist with different songs and see if the problem is either the iPod or the individual songs.

    Run ClamXav on the Mac and the iPod or anti-virus on the PC, inspect the files for weird names, additional characters, spaces etc that could be a issue.

    Re-rip the problem songs from original sources and see if it occurs again.

    Process of elimination.
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