Safari Crashed - Lost Bookmarks

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Safari crashed. I had a wonderful collection of bookmarks for the courses I teach. When I relaunched Safari, it looks as if the bookmarks are 8 months old.

I did do a Time Machine backup 3 weeks ago, but I cannot see how to restore the bookmarks.

Ouch ! !

Thanks ! ! !


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    spotonspoton Posts: 645member
    Navigate to your Users/¨your name¨/Library/Safari folder and there should be a file called ¨Bookmarks.plist¨

    Use Time Machine to go back to the latest known stable version and restore, relaunch Safari.

    In addition to TimeMachine, itś a good idea to clone your entire boot drive to a external drive every two weeks or once a month and repair permisisons on both afterwards in Disk Utility, keep the disk off site in a safe place.

    TimeMachine drives are not bootable, but a clone is ¨hold option" bootable, which is a lifesaver if your hard drive dies or has mechanical problems or your a victim of theft, fire, water etc.

    Carbon Copy Cloner (donationware) and SuperDuper (commercial) are currently the two favorite brands.
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    hledgardhledgard Posts: 264member
    Beautiful !

    Worked like a charm !

    Thanks ! !
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    Thanks you for the post.
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    wplj42wplj42 Posts: 439member
    I have all my bookmarks on the Internet. So is my e-mail. My entire computer can fail and I'm still good. Another story if Yahoo! crashes.
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    cinepxcinepx Posts: 1member
    Thanks for sharing words , while doing online work bookmark is very important , here can learn how to save work actualy
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