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Dear MAC People

I just bought a new MBP and i need help transferring some of the back up on my Time Capsule from my old MBP. Its just the music, a few programs and a little more.

But how do I do that?

Kind regards, Troels Hansen - DK


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    kareliakarelia Posts: 525member
    If you open the Migration Assistant (search "migration" in Spotlight), and choose the second option, "From a Time Machine backup or other disk", you should be prompted by the Assistant on how to transfer your data from there. Remember, you will obviously need to be connected to the Time Capsule through its wireless network or via an ethernet cable for the backups to be visible.

    The other option, if you still have the old MBP and it still functions, is to connect the two machines directly using a FireWire cable, and boot the old unit into Target Disk Mode by holding "T" at startup. The new Mac can then migrate data directly from the old one, using the same Migration Assistant's first option, "From another Mac".
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