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Just wondering how many Computer Scientists (or students of computer science) post here. Also if you are one please tell me which school you went to and if you liked it . I am a Junior in High School and I am highly interested in something in that field.


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    Got my Bachelor's in CS 2 years ago. I enjoyed it but not enough to get a Masters. I think I'd rather get a Masters in Information Technology because thats the industry that I work in.

    None of my CS courses taught me how to write web applications and thats what I do full time. I learned that on my own. So if I ever go back to school I'd like to focus more on Internet technologies than just straight programming like I did in my CS curriculum.
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    I am a Junior majoring in Computer Science at the University of Southern California. It's a good school and we have a great program. Although, it is not *wonderful*. If I were to do things over again, I might consider schools out of the state. I was too afraid of leaving home.... here's some advice: forget about the family. You'll be over them within the year. Trust me.
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    I'm an art student.

    Oh wait, wrong forum.
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    Computer Engineering from The University of Florida 2000
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    I'm actually an electrical engineer, which means that I have taken CS courses and I know what the hell is going on. Anyway, the Princeton CS dept is very good, except for that fact that CS folks are intrinsically assholes. (just kidding about that, but they are dicks about "their" wireless base stations).

    Princeton CS is based initially around C, not some kind of rinky-dink OO stuff. The second/third CS class is CS217, which the final project involves constructing a UNIX shell from the ground up. It's pretty intense, but it's not too bad compared to the EE curriculum.

    If you're interested in CS, I'd recommend going to a school that is known to have a good technical/engineering branch. I have a buddy majoring in CS at Duke, and it seems pretty lame from what he tells me. I'd stick to places where the emphasis is more technical unless you plan to double major or something.
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    Well thanks for the input!

    Here are the Schools I am looking at now:

    1. U of Florida

    2. U of Texas Austin

    3. Georgia Tech

    4. U of Central Florida

    Anyone goto any of these schools? Also I am very interested in alternative computing methods (Quantum Computing, DNA Computing, ect.) if anyone has any recommendations.
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    I was all revved up for CS when I was 12.

    I got into MSVU in Nova Scotia, and failed the second C++ course and decided "to heck with it".

    The book was the main reason why I can't stand the CS program there (by Walter Savitch and Michael Main, the biggest *@#&^#@ to ever write a book).

    Now I pursue the study on my own time with more interesting projects. I suggest the same for you since there is no way to tell what type of professor you'll get...
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