How to block internet access of apps?

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I am looking into getting an iPad for my son but have concerns about some apps that he may be using.

I want to be able to block sites such as myspace, facebook, etc. and I understand there are ways that this can be done through a router.

The only problem is even by successfully blocking him getting to these websites, he could use an app for facebook or myspace and get onto Facebook, MySpace, etc. with those.

If he uses those apps, is there any way to block the internet access to them so that even if he opens the app he is unable to actually use the app through the internet such as going to Facebook through the Facebook App.

Would blocking the website actually make it so that he can't use those apps or do I have to block an ip address?

I know that I can block access to the App store but yet since him and his older brother both will use the ipad his older brother is at an age we're comfortable with him using those apps so want to be able to keep the apps on the iPad but yet at other times limit access to those apps and websites such as when my younger son is using the ipad and unfortunately it's hard to supervise him at all times.

Thank you for your help with the above.


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    The best way to keep our kids safe is to make sure they are 100% aware of the dangers, the risks, and the consequences. Not to keep them in a cell.
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